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Educational Sessions

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Educational Sessions

We are pleased to be holding educational sessions again in 2018. Subject matter experts will present on a variety of road safety initiatives including emerging issues our members are facing.

This year, we have the flexibility to have a selection of six different sessions in three different time slots. Upon registering, delegates will be asked to select their top three preferred sessions. From there, we will be able to plan accordingly and determine how best to organize the schedule to accommodate our members' needs as much as possible.

The educational sessions will be held the afternoon of Sunday, June 3 between 13:00 and 17:00.

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 Silmutaneous interpretation services will be offered during some of the sessions -- to be determined. 

Automated and Connected Vehicles

Automated and connected vehicle (AV/CV) technologies are rapidly evolving and have wide-ranging implications for road safety. Before these vehicles are introduced onto public roads, a number of policy and regulatory issues related to testing, evaluation, deployment and regulation, will need to be addressed. Through this session, participants will learn about work underway at CCMTA and in Canada to plan and prepare for the AV/CV future.

Cannabis Legalization and Road Safety

Observational surveys show that people drive after using drugs and this behaviour is likely to increase once cannabis is legalized in Canada. Driving impaired – whether by alcohol or by drugs – is a punishable offence. This session will provide insights to activities underway in Canada to support road safety as the date for legalization of cannabis approaches.

Distracted Driving: Is technology the problem or solution?

Many technologies have been developed that attempt to mitigate drivers from using their phones for talking, texting or other uses while driving. Yet, research confirms that Canadians continue to engage in these distracting activities while driving. This session will reflect on distracted driving and the role of technology.

Distracted driving: what research reveals

Distracted driving increases the chance of a motor vehicle crash and seriously threatens the health and safety of all road users. National surveys indicate that the use of electronic communication devices (ECDs) is on the rise. In this session delegates will learn about distracted driving research, and what recent findings reveal.

Mobile Driver Licence Technology

New and emerging technology has the potential to change the way driver licence administrators interact and provide services to citizens. This session will provide information on the technology behind mobile driver licences and look at the outcomes from pilot testing in United States jurisdictions.

Proposed solution for improving pedestrian detection for heavy truck drivers in urban areas

The goal of the presentation is to outline the main points of the study on the visibility of heavy vehicle drivers carried out by the ministry and its partners (SAAQ and Ville de Montréal):

  • Analysis of problematic situations and options for detecting pedestrians in urban areas
  • Research into solutions (mirrors, camera/monitor, technology systems) – adding mirrors was the selected option
  • Assessment of available solutions: comparative testing methodology
  • Results leading to a proposed solution to add and adjust mirrors
  • Results of test project under actual operating conditions (feasibility, effectiveness, acceptability)
  • Next step: Develop a best practices guide