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Past Annual Meetings

2016 Annual Meeting - Halifax, NS

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The 2016 CCMTA Annual Meeting was held from June 19-22, 2016 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The theme of the 2016 Annual Meeting was Shining a light on new paths to road safety.

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Concurrent Session Speaker Presentations

Disruptive Technology - Automated Vehicles, Planning for the Future

As automated vehicles (AV) begin to arrive on our roads in the near future, they will disrupt both private and public sectors in the process. Government and business leaders must not only be aware to what is coming but also start preparing for the required changes. The presentation will look at the changing policy and regulatory landscape that will be impacted by the arrival of automated vehicles.

Presenter: Karlyn Stanley, Adjunct Senior Researcher and  Lawyer, RAND Corporation

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Effects of Legalization of the Recreational Use of Cannabis on Drug Impaired Driving in the United States

In this session, you will hear from an expert in one of the U.S. states which have legalized the recreational use of cannabis. The speaker will talk about how cannabis sales are regulated in the state, the nature of their drug impaired driving legislation, how the law is being enforced, statistics on involvement of cannabis in collisions, and what the state is doing to prevent cannabis impaired driving (e.g., awareness/education, assessment/treatment).

Presenter: Darrin Grondel, Director, Washington Traffic Safety Commission

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Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Mandate in the US and Implications for Canada

An examination of the US ELD final rule, the technical requirements, the interfaces for roadside inspections, the certification process, the supporting documents requirements, and a depiction of compliant ELD systems.

Presenter: Alex Capelle, Segment leader Tachographs, Telematics and Services NAFTA Business Unit Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket Interior Division, Continental Corporation

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Enhanced Traffic Records Electronic Data System

Knowledge is power. Virginia's Traffic Records Electronic Data System (TREDS) gives law enforcement and the Commonwealth citizens accessible and accurate information about where crashes are happening on the roadways around them for better safety decision-making. Since 2011, Virginia has been collecting, consolidating and tracking crash data. Now, new features allow users to not only track crashes, but tell them the type of crash and alert them to dangerous intersections and stretches of road. With that knowledge, law enforcement can target problem spots and drivers can be more aware what's going on around them.

Presenter: George W. Bishop IV, Deputy Commissioner, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

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Ontario's Enhanced Road Test: A New Tool to Screen for Cognitive Impairment

This presentation will focus on Ontario's Enhanced Road Test (ERT), a new road test designed and evaluated by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) for the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario (MTO) to better distinguish between drivers with, and drivers without, cognitive impairment.

Presenter: Ward Vanlaar Ph. D., Vice President Research, Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)


Ontario – Mandatory Entry-Level Commercial Truck Driver Training

A status update and overview of mandatory entry level commercial truck driver training in Ontario for Commercial Class A Drivers.

Presenter: Angela Litrenta, Manager, Driver Programs Office, Program Development and Evaluation Branch, Ontario Ministry of Transportation

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Transportation Network Companies

Virginia has enacted one of the United States' first comprehensive statewide laws regulating transportation network companies, or TNCs, such as Uber and Lyft. How do you regulate this growing industry? How do you acknowledge the growing popularity of these companies and encourage business growth, yet ensure safe travel for passengers? Virginia DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb will explain how Virginia brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, from the highway safety community, taxi and limousine industries, and TNCs, and created a regulatory framework that maintains safety for both TNC passengers and drivers.

Presenter: Richard D. Holcomb, Commissioner, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

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Update on the Canadian Naturalistic Driving Study (CNDS)

This presentation will see representatives from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) talk about the study, provide status updates for the study, highlight the options / magnitude of research that could be considered, and provide some time estimates for the availability of the data for qualified researchers. This could lead to substantive use by the Canadian road safety research community.

Presenter: Dr. Charlie Klauer, Research Scientist and Leader, Teen Risk and Injury Prevention Group, Principal Investigator and Project Manager, Canada Naturalistic Driving Study, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)

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2015 Annual Meeting - Whitehorse, YT

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The 2015 CCMTA Annual Meeting was held from June 16-19, 2015 in Whitehorse, Yukon.

The theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting was There and back again safetly.

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Concurrent Session Speaker Presentations

1. Yukon's Google Glass In-Service Road Safety Review Pilot

Amanda Price, Transportation Program Development Coordinator, Yukon Government, Highways and Public Works
Craig Milligan, P.Eng., Transport Infrastructure Specialist, Fireseeds North Infrastructure


2. Auto Theft Suppression in Manitoba - Partnerships and Innovative Strategies to Success

Ward A. Keith, Executive Director, Driver Safety, DVA, Administration & Registrar of Motor Vehicles,
Manitoba Public Insurance

3. The Use of Simulation in Delivering Driver Training to Remote Canadian Communities

Lesley de Repentigny, CEO of DriveWise Canada
Chris Boomer, Instructor at the North East Native, Advancing Society

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4. Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)s Reliability and Efficiency for Hours of Service Enforcement

Alex Capelle, Segment Leader ELD, Telematics NAFTA, Continental Automotive


5. The Importance of Winter Driving Safety Equipment

Carolyn Goard, Communications Manager, Tire and Rubber Association of Canada
Ralph Warner, Director of Operations, Tire and Rubber Association of Canada

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6. Evaluation of Ontario's Enhanced Senior Driver Renewal Program

Frances Ilari, Senior Safety Research Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Transportation

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Learn more about this northern region by watching the introductory video highlighting the majestic beauty culture of the Yukon.

2014 Annual Meeting - Toronto, ON

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The 2014 CCMTA Annual Meeting was held from May 25-28 in Toronto, Ontario.

The theme of the 2014 Annual Meeting was Transportation Tomorrow! Modernize. Measure. Connect.

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For more details about the 2014 Annual Meeting, visit

Concurrent Session Speaker Presentations

1. The Future of Safer Vehicles: The Road to Autonomous Vehicles

Speakers: Barrie Gander (I-Canada), Bowen Tritter (ITS Canada Connected Vehicle Technical Committee)
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2. CanDrive: A National Prospective Study of Older Drivers

Speakers: Mark Rapoport & Gary Naglie (University of Toronto)
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3. BC Road Safety Strategy 2015 and Beyond

Speaker: Sam McLeod (Ministry of Justice of British Columbia)
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4. The Future of Safer Vehicles: Self-Driving Cars and Us


Automated Vehicles: Perspectives from Canadian Vehicle OEMs
Speaker: Andrew Morin (Global Automakers of Canada)

Automated Vehicles: Potential Insurance Implications
Speaker: Robert Tremblay (Insurance Bureau of Canada)

Automated Vehicles: The Role of Government
Speaker: Barrie Kirk (ITS Canada)

5. Technological Tools for Safety Data Collection, Analysis, Measurement, and Results

Speakers: John Saunders & Scott Newby (Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles)
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6. Tomorrow's Mobility Landscape: From Car and Ride Sharing to Autonomous Vehicles

Speaker: Catherine Kargas (Electric Mobility Canada)
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7. A Social Marketing Approach to Reducing Cannabis Impaired Driving by Ontario Teens

Speakers: Heidi Francis, Lisa Thompson, Kimberly Bates & Andrew Davidson (Ministry of Transportation), Don Bell (OPP), Anne Leonard (Arrive Alive), Neil McOsterich & Catherine Frank (Cleansheet Communications)