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Road Safety Award

2018 Award Recipient

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People Shouldn’t Disappear Impaired driving awareness campaign
Saskatchewan GovernmentInsurance (SGI)

The People Shouldn’t Disappear campaign took an emotional approach to humanize impaired driving statistics by showing the real people behind the statistics. The campaign used personal family photos and video, showing each victim in everyday scenarios with family and friends, before the victim fades out of the image, symbolizing their loss and the void that is left behind in their family and community. This project sparked conversations across the province about impaired driving and its tragic consequences. The campaign was an overwhelming success as it kept the public and media talking about impaired driving and encouraged Saskatchewan drivers to change their driving behavior to prevent similar tragedies. Based on data available today, SGI projects a significant reduction in alcohol related deaths and injuries in 2017. View the campaign video here

About the CCMTA Road Safety Award

Created in support of Road Safety Strategy 2025: Towards Zero, the safest roads in the world, the CCMTA Road Safety Award recognizes strategies aimed at reducing injury and death on Canada’s roads.

Eligible candidates:

CCMTA Members (jurisdictions) and Associates in good standing, including individuals, groups, departments, organizations, or work teams.

Submission requirements:

Nominees will be invited to describe their road safety initiative up to a maximum of 2000 words. Illustration and photos are encouraged, where appropriate.

A) Eligibility

Activities/initiatives described must have occurred in the 2018 calendar year.

B) Components of submission

  • Demonstrates a commitment to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.
  • Demonstrates a unique or creative attempt to advance road safety: Examples of this work may include public education aimed at deterring unsafe actions on the road, as well as marketing, promotion and legislative initiatives that enhance road safety.
  • Clearly illustrates the objectives of the initiative through relevant content, samples/illustrations, and any available results or evaluation measurements.
  • Supports one or more of the Road Safety Strategy 2025 objectives:
    • Raising public awareness and commitment to road safety
    • Improving communication, cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders
    • Enhancing legislation and enforcement
    • Improving road safety information in support of research and evaluation
    • Improving the safety of vehicles and road infrastructure
    • Leveraging technology and innovation

Nomination deadline:

Closed for 2018.


Send via email to: Martin Rochon at


CCMTA will recognize the award recipient at its Annual Meeting during the Provincial Banquet.

The award recipient(s) will be notified in advance.

*Recipient(s) are responsible for their travel and accommodation.