Road Safety Award

Road Safety Award

Created in support of Road Safety Strategy 2025: Towards Zero, the Safest Roads in the World, the Road Safety Award recognizes individuals and/or organizations who have implemented strategies aimed at reducing injury and death on Canada’s roads.

This award celebrates the achievements of CCMTA government members or associates who have significantly contributed to the advancement of road safety strategies through their work. Recipients can include individuals, groups, departments, and organizations. 

Nominations for the Road Safety Award can be submitted by CCMTA members in good standing, including members of the Board of Directors, Program Committees and Working Groups. 

  • Candidates must be CCMTA members and associates in good standing, this  includes individuals, groups, departments, organizations, or work teams.
  • Activities/initiatives described must have occurred in one calendar year.
Nomination Requirements:
  • Nominators must be members in good standing with CCMTA.
  • Submissions should describe road safety initiative with a maximum of 2000 words
  • Submissions should include illustrations and photos where appropriate
The road safety initiatives should:
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.
  • Demonstrate a unique or creative attempt to advance road safety: Examples of this work may include public education aimed at deterring unsafe actions on the road, as well as marketing, promotion and legislative initiatives that enhance road safety.
  • Clearly illustrate the objectives of the initiative through relevant content, samples/illustrations, and any available results or evaluation measurements.
  • Support one or more of the Road Safety Strategy 2025 objectives of:
    • Raising public awareness and commitment to road safety
    • Improving communication, cooperation, and collaboration among stakeholders
    • Enhancing legislation and enforcement
    • Improving road safety information in support of research and evaluation
    • Improving the safety of vehicles and road infrastructure
    • Leveraging technology and innovation
  • Recipient(s) may be recognized at the CCMTA Annual Meeting.
  • Recipient(s) will be notified in advance.
  • Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the award recipient(s).

The 2023 nomination period has now closed. 

2022 Recipients

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
Street Sense

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) was recognized for Street Sense, a state-of-the-art hazard perception training APP that helps users identify common hazards that can be easily missed when on the road. Aimed at new and inexperienced drivers, Street Sense uses a novel, gamified approach to develop potentially lifesaving driving skills in hopes of improving driving abilities and anticipating and avoiding hazards on British Columbia’s roads.  

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  • 2021 - Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) - Distracted Driving Kills Campaign, Government of Saskatchewan - Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) Pilot Program
  • 2019 - Manitoba Public Insurance Save the 100 Campaign
  • 2018 - Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) - People Shouldn’t Disappear Campaign