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Contact Us

1111 Prince of Wales,
Suite 404,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K2C 3T2

Phone: 613.736.1003
Fax: 613.736.1395
Email: info@ccmta.ca

Requests from Media

Media is asked to provide questions in writing to:

Martin Rochon
Senior Director, Administration and Member Services

Staff Contacts

President and Chief Executive Officer
Allison Fradette, ext. 263

Vice President
Brad Holland, ext. 259

Programs and Research

Esther Ajiboye, ext. 251
Manager, Internal Communications and Education

Karen Hawkins, ext. 272
Project Coordinator

Anna Herman, ext. 246
Programs Manager

Mariline Jean Louis, ext. 250
Programs Manager

Christine Le Grand, ext. 255
Programs Manager/Researcher

Administration and Member Services

Avery Guibord, ext. 285
Meeting and events coordinator

Linda Levesque, ext. 269
Web and Administrative Coordinator

Martin Rochon, ext. 252
Senior Director, Administration and Member Services

Patricia Simpson, ext. 265
Manager, Marketing and Events

Technology Services

Matthias Bedard, ext. 257
Senior Developer

Marc Buckner, ext. 249
Senior Network Developer

Philip Cheng, ext. 230
Business Analyst

Mathieu Laflèche, ext. 284
Quality Assurance / DevOps Engineer

Sylvain Larocque, ext. 224
Director, IT

Rick Vantour, ext. 239
Programs Manager

Jurisdictional Contacts

Canadian provinces/territories are responsible for all matters relating to road safety, driver licensing, vehicle registration, and commercial vehicle regulations and enforcement.

The federal government (Transport Canada) is responsible for road safety, new vehicle standards, transportation of dangerous good, and plays a complimentary role in motor transport administration. 

As a member of the general public, please contact the appropriate province/territory listed below should you have inquiries regarding the above.