The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) is an incorporated body that coordinates matters dealing with the administration, regulation and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. Membership includes representation from provincial and territorial governments as well as the federal government of Canada.

We've been active for over 80 years, as such, CCMTA has the breadth, depth and reach into the areas of efficient movement of people and goods and in the area of saving lives on Canada's roads, while respecting jurisdictional autonomy to implement as appropriate.

CCMTA provides:

  • Increased efficiencies for drivers and vehicles through reciprocity and harmonization
  • Oversight, maintenance, and support of the National Safety Code
  • A forum for provinces, territories, and the federal government to discuss emerging road safety challenges
  • Efficiencies through sharing of expertise and minimizes burden on members
  • Access to timely data, information, and research

The Membership of the Corporation consists of Canada’s fourteen (14) Provincial, Federal and Territorial Governments, each is represented by an individual appointed from among such Governments’ departments, commissions, agencies, or crown corporations charged with the administration, regulation or control of transportation and highway safety.

Board of Directors

Board members are elected from each provincial, territorial, and federal governments.

As a non-profit, the Board of Directors has a duty and fiduciary responsibility under law to make decisions in the best interest of the Corporation, and a duty to supervise the management of the activities of CCMTA.

Provincial/Territorial Departments of Transportation (7)

Alberta Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors

Lynn Varty
Assistant Deputy Minister
Traffic Safety Services

Nova Scotia Department of Public Works

Dan Leopold
Executive Director
Registry of Motor Vehicles, Vehicle Compliance & Safety

Northwest Territories Department of Infrastructure

Andy Tereposky
Compliance and Licensing Division

Nunavut Department of Economic Development and Transportation

John S. Hawkins
Assistant Deputy Minister

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Marcelle Crouse
Associate Deputy Minister
Transportation Safety Division

Yukon Department of Highways and Public Works

Ryan Parry
Transport Services & Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Public Safety and Service Departments (3)

Digital Government and Service NL

Kelli Penney 
Registrar of Motor Vehicles

New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety

Nicole Shorrock (Vice-Chair)
Registrar of Motor Vehicles
Motor Vehicle Branch

RoadSafetyBC | Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Amy Miller (Second Vice-Chair)
Assistant Deputy Minister and Superintendent of Motor Vehicles

Public Insurance Corporations (3)

Manitoba Public Insurance

Marnie Kacher
VP and Chief Operations Officer

Societé de l’assurance automobile du Québec

Lyne Vézina
Directrice générale de la recherche et du développement en sécurité routière

Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Kwei Quaye (Chair)
Vice President, Traffic Safety Services
Auto Fund

Federal Department of Transportation (1)

Transport Canada

Melanie Vanstone
Director General,
Multi-Modal and Road Safety Programs


To guide the Board in making decisions in the best interests of the Corporation, the Board has confirmed the following accountabilities:

  • To the Council of Deputy Ministers and Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety for providing advice and making recommendations on matters relating to transportation and highway safety.
  • To the Provincial, Territorial, and Federal governments for promoting a better understanding and cooperation in all matters related to transportation and highway safety among those governments, and other organizations where there exists a mutual interest.
  • To its members (which is explicitly government) for complying with its by-laws and applicable legislation to achieve its mission and vision.
  • To its stakeholders and associates for maintaining an ongoing dialogue and consultation to ensure CCMTA is responsive and informative.


The CCMTA Board of Directors has created a governance framework to support its mandate and role.

Please click on the image below to enlarge and view the governance chart.

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees of the Board consist of the following with membership restricted to Board members:

  • Executive Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Strategic Programs Committee
  • Interprovincial Records Exchange (IRE) Committee

Program Committees

Program Committees provide a collaborative and participatory forum for the development of modern and consistent standards, practices and priorities and contribute to the implementation of Canada’s road safety strategies.

Each of the program committees consists of a total of 14 individuals from provincial and territorial governments, as well as the federal government, represented by Transport Canada.

Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Members work focuses on:

  • commercial vehicles, drivers, and carrier operations in Canada and internationally,
  • maintenance of the National Safety Code,
  • identifying and addressing emerging road safety issues.

Membership Roster

Next Meeting
CCMTA Fall Program Committee Meetings
Ottawa, Ontario

Drivers and Vehicles

Members work focuses on:

  • driver safety and licensing and vehicle safety and registration in Canada and internationally,
  • maintenance of the National Safety Code,
  • maintenance of the Canadian Drivers Licence Agreement,
  • identifying and addressing emerging road safety issues.

Membership Roster

Next Meeting
CCMTA Fall Program Committee Meetings
Ottawa, Ontario

Road Safety Research and Policies

Members work focusses on:

  • coordination of federal provincial and territorial road safety efforts,
  • recommendations in support of road safety programs,
  • maintenance and regular review of Canada’s Road Safety Strategy,
  • identifying and addressing emerging road safety issues and research initiatives.

Membership Roster

Next Meeting
CCMTA Fall Program Committee Meetings
Ottawa, Ontario


To have the safest and most efficient movement of people and goods by road in the world


To provide collaborative leadership in addressing Canadian road safety priorities and members’ digital services