Sean McAlister Service Recognition

Sean McAlister Service Recognition

In 2017, CCMTA dedicated its Recognition of Service presentation to Sean McAlister in his memory. Sean was well-known within the CCMTA community, having served as both staff and volunteer with CCMTA at various times throughout his career. Sean was a devoted employee of CCMTA in the late 1980s and 1990s, and then moved on to the BC provincial government in 2000 and maintained his relationship with CCMTA by serving as the BC member of the Drivers and Vehicles Program Committee. A respected authority within the compliance and regulatory sector as well, Sean’s consulting work post 2000 ensured he stayed connected with CCMTA and with the Program Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs. Sean passed away on August 20, 2016 after a courageous battle with cancer.

The Sean McAlister Service Recognition honours:
  • an individual who has been an active member of the Board, program committee or project group for more than five years, upon their departure or retirement from a CCMTA volunteer position.
  • staff members upon completion of 15 and 25 years of service, and upon retirement.

Recipients are recognized throughout the year upon their departure or retirement. If appropriate, recipients may be recognized at the Annual Meeting.

​​​​CCMTA has honoured the following individuals in 2024:
Allison Fradette, CCMTA

Allison Fradette was recognized and celebrated for her tremendous leadership and engagement as President and CEO of CCMTA upon announcing her plans to transition to retirement in the coming months. During her tenure, Allison has worked closely with the Board of Directors and stakeholders to lead critical road safety initiatives and create platforms for dialogue and collaboration amongst member jurisdictions and stakeholders. We are deeply grateful for her strategic leadership and the invaluable contributions she has made to CCMTA over her 14 year tenure. 

Rick Vantour, CCMTA

After more than 27 years of service at CCMTA, Rick Vantour has announced his plans to retire in late 2024.  During his tenure, Rick has worked on a multitude of initiatives at CCMTA. One of the most significant contributions Rick has made to CCMTA and to Road Safety in Canada is in his role contributing to the development and evolution of the Inter-Provincial Record Exchange (IRE) network. His extensive jurisdictional knowledge and work to ensure jurisdictions have the best support and experience on the IRE network will be missed. We wish Rick all the best in this next chapter.  

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  • 2024 - Allison Fradette (CCMTA), Rick Vantour (CCMTA)
  • 2022 - Dr. Neil Swirsky (MB), Wendy Doyle (AB), Harold Blaney (QC), Jerome Atherton (BC), Valerie Todd (CCMTA), Rick Vantour (CCMTA), Harris Beaulieu (NT), Andrew Spoerri (TC), Laura Barkley-McKeeman (ON)
  • 2021 - Tracy Bendera (YT), Doug MacEwen (PE) 
  • 2020 -  Terry Wallace (AB), Geoff Ewing (NL), Ron Foord (SK), Paul Harbottle (ON), Maureen Tetzlaff (ON), Steve Loutitt (NT)
  • 2019 - Paul Brown (ON), Alf Brown (AB), Shannon Bunkowsky (MB), Jamie Dow (QC), William Lownds (NS), Wayne Norris (NT), Chris O'Connell (NB), Julius Debuschewitz (YT), Shaun Hammond (AB), Vern Janz (YT), Sam MacLeod (BC), Val Todd (CCMTA), Reg Wightman (MB)
  • 2018 - Kim Benjamin (TC), Mark Francis (BC), Sandy Crighton (SK), Sylvain Tremblay (CCMTA), Earl Cameron (SK)
  • 2017 - Heidi Francis (ON), Robert Murray (NL)
  • 2016 - Ward Keith (MB), Ian Tomlinson (CCMTA), Martin Rochon (CCMTA)