Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The CCMTA 2021-2025 Strategic Plan identifies five priority areas and takes into consideration emerging issues, member needs, and ongoing core mission-related activities.

For more than 80 years, CCMTA has been supporting members in achieving their road safety goals. This strategic plan builds on this legacy, positions the organization for the future, and enables CCMTA to achieve its mission and vision.




Member Driven Solutions

Develop innovative, timely initiatives, white papers, and guidelines that meet member needs and maximizes resources

» Support members in
   collaborative research and data
» Support members in
   knowledge management


Develop and maintain Reciprocal Pan-Canadian and International Agreements

» National Safety Code
» Road Safety Strategy
» Canadian Driver Licence
» International Agreements
» Data Exchange Agreements

Government and Stakeholder Relationships

Be responsive to the Councils of Deputy Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety in addressing road safety priorities

Foster effective relationships with all stakeholders to meet CCMTA goals

» Report out on progress on key
   files to government officials
» Support governments in
   identifying value added
» Consult with industry

Organizational Effectiveness

Be a best in class organization

Ensure fiscal integrity and sustainability

» Monitor and improve
» Ensure organizational capacity
   and capability
» Identify appropriate revenue
   growth strategies to ensure

Technology Services

Ensure secure, reliable, and relevant technology services

» Support and enhance the
   exchange of driver and vehicle
   data via the Inter-provincial
   record exchange
» Support the development and
   provision of digital services

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