Annual Meeting

Educational Sessions

We are pleased to offer Educational Sessions* as part of our 2023 Annual Meeting program. Subject matter experts will present on a variety of road safety initiatives including emerging issues our members are facing.  

The educational sessions will be held on Monday, July 17. 

Road Safety - Working Together through Collaboration and Innovation  |  11:00 - 12:00 noon 

The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 was proclaimed by a UN General Assembly Resolution with a target to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries by 50 per cent by 2030, recognizing the gravity of this global issue. The Decade of Action is underpinned by the Global Plan, launched Oct. 28, 2021, which aims to inspire and guide national and local government, as well other stakeholders who can influence road safety. Through advocating for the Safe System Approach and providing recommendations based on best practices and research, the plan is an important resource both within Canada and abroad. 

This presentation will provide an overview of the Global Plan, including the key priority areas within the global plan and efforts Parachute in partnership with CARSP and many other organizations will be leading in Canada. Presenter, Valerie Smith, Director, Programs, Parachute and President of the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals will also discuss how road safety needs to be integrated into other policy agendas such as climate action, health, and equity, to increase its reach and influence.

Valerie Smith, Director, Programs

Insights from a Pilot of a Virtual Driving Assessment: This presentation will share the findings of a pilot project conducted in Manitoba. The presenter will share information on their experience with piloting a new road safety technology, drivers’ experience with it, and the correlation between performance on the virtual assessment and real-world outcomes.

Bryce Doell, Manager, Road Safety Programs & Analysis
Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

Amy Miller, Assistant Deputy Minister and Superintendent of Motor Vehicles
RoadSafetyBC | Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Understanding Labour Market Challenges in Trucking - Identifying Opportunities for Increased Collaboration  | 13:30-15:00 

Through a moderated discussion, panel members will discuss the labour challenges facing the trucking industry, the importance of collaboration, and opportunities to understand perspectives.

Melanie Vanstone, Director General, Multi-Modal and Road Safety Programs
Transport Canada

Craig Faucette, Chief Program Officer
Trucking HR

Mike Millian, President
Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC)

Jonathan Blackham, Director, Policy and Public Affairs
Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA)

Lynn Varty, Assistant Deputy Minister, Safety and Policy Division
Alberta Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors

Digital Transformation - Opportunity and Risk  | 15:30-17:00 

Advances in technologies have challenged jurisdictions to look at new ways to deliver services. Presenters will share how digital transformation is impacting their approaches to delivering services.

Joni Brennan, President
Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC)

Mike Bannister, Director of Digital Government
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Chrissy Nizer, Administrator
Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration

Kwei Quaye, Vice President, Traffic Safety, Driver and Support Services, Auto Fund
Saskatchewan Government Insurance

* Sessions subject to change