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Bluedrop ISM is a technology innovator that transforms training delivery and credential management through its SkillsPass workforce training platform and custom eLearning solutions. We are a trusted partner for governments and industry groups around the globe looking to advance critical skill development and lifelong credential management. Bluedrop was recently recognized as one of Canada's Top SME employers for the third year in a row. Learn More ... 

At Bumper.com, our mission is to empower consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions when purchasing vehicles. We believe that every car buyer deserves transparency and confidence in their transactions. By providing easy access to comprehensive vehicle history reports, we aim to protect consumers from potential scams and ensure that they have the information necessary to buy with confidence. Learn More ... 
Since 1997, Fast Enterprises (FAST) has transformed the way government agencies serve their communities, providing software that delivers superior customer experiences, greater flexibility, and streamlined operations for agencies that administer services in motor vehicle and driver licensing, child support, unemployment insurance, and tax and revenue. FastDS-VS is used by more state driver and vehicle agencies than any other system, providing a 360-degree view of customers and vehicles across all programs, including titling, registration, licensing, identity services, permitting, and more. FastDS-VS is built on our highly flexible FastCore platform, currently in production in 95+ government agencies worldwide. Learn More ...
S&P Global Mobility enables customers to anticipate change and make decisions with conviction. We help them to optimize their businesses, reach the right consumers, and shape the future of mobility. Leveraging technology and data science, we provide unique insights, forecasts and advisory services spanning every major market and the entire automotive value chain—from product planning to marketing, sales and the aftermarket. Learn More...


Smart Start Canada is the nationwide leader in alcohol monitoring, offering advanced breath-alcohol testing at the lowest cost. Our Ignition Interlock helps to ensure traffic safety with a convenient, discreet solution for clients who require a car breathalyzer. SmartMobile™ and SmartMobile Insight™ handheld devices offer effective alcohol monitoring for situations that require a portable solution. Our SmartWeb™ online platform provides monitoring authorities with quick reporting and analysis for easy caseload management. Smart Start Canada offers hundreds of service locations nationwide, and a 24/7/365 multilingual Customer Care call centre. Visit smartstartcanada.ca for more information. Learn more …

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Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited
Infosys Public Services, Inc.
ITI (Intellectual Technology, Inc.)
Parsons Inc.
Serco Canada Inc.

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American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
Associated Canadian Car Rental Operators (ACCRO) Services
Explore Information Services, LLC
Thales DIS USA, Inc

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Accident Support Services International Ltd.
Recreation Vehicle Dealers' Association of Canada
The War Amps of Canada
Winding River Solutions